INFO Salmon Raven 2020


2020 DECEMBER  2 – 5
Wednesday – Saturday
8:00PM TO 8:00PM

The first ever Salmon Raven 2020 virtual art auction will be hosted by  A secure proven webhost.  The annual salmon and raven art auction is a well sought after event by many living in Bethel.  Due the pandemic, the art guild is in process of restructuring to conform to the demands of safety while serving you and our communities.  Your safety comes first!

2020 Virtual Art Auction

Every artwork comes from thought, imagination and the effort to shape and reformat the artwork until the end product.  As such, from the generous hearts of our everyday neighbors, the community is coming together to do their part to support volunteerism and giving back to local and regional communities in this new format. 

The site is mobile friendly and very easy to register and begin browsing all the beautiful creations our Bethel artists have to offer.  Every year it is exciting to see new work never been seen before.  Artists are now completing their work.  New posts of artwork and descriptions will be posted at the site below.  

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